Christmas Tree Sale Successful!

Written By: Chad On: 1st December 2007 Under: Attractions, General, Volunteering

December 1st is our official day for “tree buying”. Can you believe wee sold 87 Christmas Trees in only 4 hours? That’s a lot of pine!

At the beginning of the day, everyone on the Miller Team met up at Sam’s Club around 9:45am. We were all pumped, ready and eager to begin selling Christmas Trees since we had such a great time volunteering last year.

There were six members of our team that helped at this years Boys and Girls Club Christmas Tree sale which included Joanie Miller, Shirley Scruggs, Troy Steuwer, Kate Courtney, Angie Hardesty and Saw Williams (a good friend of Sharon Newbold).

The Miller Team posing for the camera at The Boys and Girls Club Christmas Tree Sale in Panama City

Kate Courtney helping a family bring their Christmas Tree to their truck.

Joanie Miller and Kate Courtney waving at drivers as they pass the Boys and Girls Club sign in front of Sam's Club

Angie Hardesty of Miller & Associates Realty and Suell Kluck of The Heron Group taking a picture by the Christmas Trees

Troy Steuwer taking a picture of one of Panama Citys newest parents buying their first Christmas Tree

As you can see from the pictures, we had a BLAST! We encourage everyone we know to help volunteer anywhere you can. Every person can make a difference in the lives of someone simply by holding out your hand. If you can’t volunteer, you can still help by buying your Christmas Tree at The Boys and Girls Club of Bay County‘s Christmas Tree Sale in front of Sam’s Club on 23rd Street. Every tree that is bought brings money back to this wonderful organization.

We would also like to thank The Heron Group, another real estate company that we hold dear to our hearts. Suell Kluck and Linda Williams are great friends of Miller & Associates Realty and also volunteer every year with us at the Christmas Tree sale.

To everyone that assisted and bought a Christmas Tree at The Boys and Girls Club this year, we salute you!

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