Importance of Home Inspections

Written By: Miller and Associates Realty On: 11th April 2017 Under: Buyers, Real Estate News, Tips

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Before making that investment in your new home be sure to place a contingency on the purchase based on a recommended home inspection.  An inspection is vital in the purchase agreement process as it not only uncovers unseen defects in the home but it also foresees additional costs that may occur in the future that are not readily visible when viewing the home of your dreams.  Additionally, home inspections identify any repairs that are currently necessary or necessary in the future, as well as focusing on all the positive features that the home offers.   Falling in love with a home at first sight knowing that it is perfect for you and your family is an amazing thrill but making sure the home is in good condition is of sound judgement in the buying process.  Sellers may not always be aware of any undiagnosed problems in the home and buyers may want to avoid any future avoidable repair costs that may cost additional monies.  Obtaining an itemized detailed home inspection report evaluated by a reputable certified home inspector is a wise and necessary decision.  Upon completion of the home inspection the buyer can make more comprehensive decisions regarding what steps to take next in the negotiation process.  Whether purchasing a home or condo working closely with your real estate agent is of vital importance as the inspection process can vary.  Having the peace of mind that your future purchase has been thoroughly inspected by a trained professional makes the home buying process more relaxed.  Ask your agent how to obtain your home inspection!



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