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Five Reasons to Visit Panama City Beach During Fall

To clarify, there’s no “bad” time to think of a bunch of reasons to pack the suitcase, load up the car, and head to the beach. A family vacation to the beach is probably one of the few decisions in life you DON’T need to think too hard about! The hardest part is probably deciding WHEN to visit, not IF, and that’s going to depend on a few things:

  • Your budget
  • Time off work
  • Kid’s vacations
  • Concerts and Seasonal Events

If you are watching your budget, you might need to avoid the peak of summer, since that’s when hotel and condo prices are typically higher. Your vacation time and your kid’s School vacations might limit the times of the year you able to visit. There may be a concert series, themed festival, motorcycle rally etc. that you want to come for. However, if these don’t apply to you, and you’re more flexible on when you travel, then here are five fantastic reasons to visit during the Fall. In fact, Trip Advisor recently ranked Panama City Beach, Florida among the top 20 most affordable Fall time vacation destinations.

1. Cooler Temperatures

There’s plenty of ways to beat the heat during the summer season, from indoor black-light mini golf, interactive museums, or just grabbing a good old fashioned ice cream.But if you come during the Fall season, it’s much cooler, but still sunny and warm rather than hot and humid. It’s the local’s favorite time of the year in terms of the temperature. Cool breezes at night on your balcony, and still sunny enough to catch a sun tan!

2. Less Crowded

Panama City Beach is large enough to never feel very congested or busy, even at the height of summer. There’s more than enough to do and space for everyone to play. Still, there is a noticeable difference if you have ever visited in the Summer and in the Fall. There are shorter wait times at attractions, and restaurants. The roads are less busy, so it’s a little quicker getting around. Plus the hotels and condos are probably a little quieter too, so you might find that you get more attentive and personal service.

3. Lower Rates

Here’s the big one… Fall brings with it lower accommodation rates. Again, to draw a comparison to Summer, when rates are higher, it’s still never out of reach for most families. It’s a budget-friendly destination year-round, so to then have discounted rates on top of that, is really the icing on the cake. Some Hotels even offer free nights for extended stays, like pay 2 stay 3, pay 3 stay 4, and pay 5 stay 7. So if your budget is one of the reasons in your “Against” box, think again. It might be much cheaper than you think!

4. Entertainment, Concerts, Festivals

There are just as many festivals and events taking place in Panama City Beach during the Fall, as there are in the Summer. The Fall Motorcycle Rally takes place each year, there’s a Classic Car Show with hundreds of hot rods and stunningly restored classic American cars. There’s a wine festival, lobster festival, chili festival, Chasin’ the sun music festival, pirate festival, to name a few! The bottom line is, you won’t be stuck for ways to stay entertained just because it’s not summer!

5. Stunning Sunsets

This might not be a reason to visit by itself, but thrown into the mix with all the others above, it’s pretty convincing. Sunsets during the Fall are the most stunning all year round. The intense colors and balmy looking sky, water and sand are truly spectacular. Everybody loves a pretty sunset, but these ones take it to the next level, and are just stunning. Perfect for a romantic walk on the beach, some great shared family moments and photos, and of course, just to make everybody else back at home super jealous!

Five Reasons to Visit Panama City Beach During Fall | pcbeach.org

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